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Law & Justice Center
Tuolumne County Law and Justice Center

In November 2009 Tuolumne County purchased 47.68 acres located off Old Wards Ferry Road behind Wal-Mart.  Today this property is referred to as the Tuolumne County Law and Justice Center. 

Future development of the Law and Justice Center site includes; the Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Facility, Tuolumne County Superior Court and Tuolumne County Jail. Sheriff Administration. The site will include both Public and Private office facilities that will centrally locate Law & Justice services, these include; Sheriff Administration, Probation, District Attorney, Public Defender, Law Offices, and support services. The site will house a Transit Transfer Station facility.

County Facility Estimated Project Schedules:

Mother Lode Regional Juvenile Detention Facility and Monthly Reports
        •     Approval of Plans and Specification and Authorization to Bid - January 2015 
        •     Award of Bid and Issue Notice to Proceed - May 2015 
        •     Construction Commences (14 months) - June 2015 
        •     Construction Completed - August 2016 
        •     Building Shake Down/Occupancy - November 2016 
        Monthly Reports:
              July 2015 Monthly Report
              August 2015 Monthly Report
              September 2015 Monthly Report
              October 2015 Monthly Report  
              November 2015 Monthly Report 
              December 2015 Monthly Report
              January 2016 Monthly Report
              February 2016 Monthly Report
Transit Transfer Station/Justice Center Drive Road Extension 
Shared partnership between TCTA & County of Tuolumne
         •   To be determined 

County Jail 
        •     RFQ for Architectural Services Issued - July 2014 
        •     Architectural Firm Selected - August 2014 
        •     Review Jail Programming Document and Schematic Design (9 months 
              May 2016)
        •     Design Development (6 months) - November 2016 
        •     State Review Process (4 months) - March 2017 
              (BSCC, CDCR, SPWB, State Fire Marshal, Local Plan Review) 
        •     Approval of Plans and Specifications and Authorization to Bid - May 2017
        •     Award of Bid and Issue Notice to Proceed - August 2017 
        •     Construction Commences (16 months) - September 2017 
        •     Construction Completed - January 2019 
        •     Building Shake Down/Occupancy - April 2019

Sheriff Administrative Building 
        •    To be determined /Based on funding

Public and Private Office Facilities 
        •    To be determined /Based on funding 
State Facility Estimated Project Schedules:

Tuolumne County Superior Court - Based on State Funding
        •     Plans and Specifications – 2014/2015
        •     Construction Commences (14 months) – 2016/2017
        •     Construction Completed - 2018
        •     Occupancy - Late 2018