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Animal Control Pet Adoption


Animal Control Pet Adoption
The Animal Control department has many  pets available for adoption.  The following are just a sample of the current population.  To view more follow the link on the main page to
If you are interested in any of these wonderful individuals please contact our office at 694-2730 or
 visit the shelter at 10040 Victoria Way in Jamestown.

 Crabclaw.jpg  002.JPG
 Crabclaw is named because the toes on one front foot are configured to make a V. (He also goes by Spock).  This charming cat would like a person of his own.  Goofy is a very silly friendly pup looking for a home of his own.  He was born around the beginning of February and has some brothers and sisters up for adoption too.
 Daisy.JPG  Pretzel.jpg
 Daisy is a beautiful little spring flower.  She was born around the beginning of February and is looking to brighten someone's life  Pretzel says "Adopt me!"  This cute grey tabby has a curly tail hence the name, Pretzel.  She had a litter of kittens when she arrived but has since been spayed.
 velcro.jpg blk white rabbit 
 This is Velco and she will stick to your heart. Rabbits can be housebroken and make great indoor pets. Just watch out for electrical cords!  Jester is a female.
 Mahtilda.jpg  Barbara pet page 2.jpg
 This is Matilda and she wants to Waltz into you life.  She is very sweet and loves everyone.
 Ba Ba Ba Ba Barbarann OOH  OOH  OOH!  She is ready for the formal affair in her tuxedo.  She also has excellent loving manners and would love to come rock out with you.
 Sugar foot pet page 2.jpg  Cupid
 Sugarfoot would like to walk into your life and make it oh so  much sweeter.  When you need her just call her and she'll be there. Cupid is the most mellow gentle cat.  He is a large flame point Siamese and gets along well with other cats.
 Tsar.jpg  Jaden
 Tsar lives up to his name and wants to invade your heart.  He needs a kingdom to rule and a territory to watch over.  Jaden is on the shy side.  She would like a quiet household with older folk.