Program Testimonials

Program Testimonials


- When this program began I only came because I thought it would be good for the guys to be able to play pool and that other people would like to come. I also came because I wanted there to be more people here so that it wouldn’t close. I didn’t know that it would become so important to me and that I would enjoy coming so much. I really look forward to coming each Monday.


- I live in Tuolumne and I have enjoyed Mondays at the Senior Center for over a year now. I’ve enjoyed seeing others my age in an activity environment over tea or coffee. There is little offered in Tuolumne for women. I enjoy the creations we make, the jewelry, the cards, and the talk. I especially enjoy finding out from others of any great things happening in town. I wish we had some more mornings a week. I also enjoy the drug free environment.


- Being a senior citizen, this program gives me the opportunity and privilege to associate with friends and town’s people. If it weren’t for the senior program, life would be a shut in situation.


- The senior craft class is a God send to older people who need to get out of the house and be with people their own age. It is a friendly and fun place to go. Our fear is that some day you’ll decide we don’t need it. We play games and such that keeps our minds active.


- I really enjoy coming to our senior group on Mondays. I’ve met some really nice people and we do fun projects. I’ve learned a lot from the people that come to talk to us about the things that are available for seniors. Sarah does a great job for us. Thank you for her.


- I think this Senior Recreation Program in Tuolumne is a very nice happening for Seniors. Before this time there was really very little available for us to do. This, also, gives us a chance to meet with friends and enjoy a few hours together. I very much look forward to Mondays and some recreation time. Sarah is doing an excellent job for us. We’re all thankful for her efforts here. I only wish we had it open for us one more day a week.


- I like the program for seniors. Would like to see it open a couple of more days in the mornings (Maybe Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday). I want to thank the Tuolumne County Recreation Department for providing the Senior Recreation Program. I am enjoying the crafts provided and the instructor makes you feel right at home.


- The best part is that it is provided free of charge. Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us.